Our Instructors

Daniel Watts


 Swimming has been a key part of my life. I've swam for 8 years competitively and still continue to swim competitively. I've swam at regional and state level completions. I enjoy working with all ages and abilities of swimmers. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and thrive in the water. I want everyone to be able to have the proper skills to remain safe and comfortable in the water.  

Galen Heuer


Growing up I’ve always been the first one in the water and the last one to be dragged out. As someone who has always loved swimming and also has a passion for teaching, being a swim instructor with Cyan is a great opportunity for me and combines two of my favorite things. I’m excited to be able to make a difference in kid’s lives and help them grow into safer and stronger swimmers.

Lia Carroll


I started out swimming at a very young age as a baby and always loved the water. I then continued to peruse my love of the water and take swim classes leading to joining the swim team. Swim team involved practices every other day and many swim meets. Swimming is a great life skill to know and I’m so grateful that I was able to participate in swim team. I enjoy working with a variety of different age groups and skill levels. It is most rewarding for me as an instructor to see my students progress and ultimately assist them in achieving their goals!

Jesse Sadler


 I've been swimming ever since I came to the U.S. Swimming has been a big part of my life for more than 12 years and it always will be. It has helped me to stay busy and grow as a person. Now that I don't swim competitively anymore, it doesn't mean I  have to stop swimming, but instead I want to help others learn the sport. Swimming is a healthy activity that you can continue for a lifetime.  I hope I can help kids to learn how to swim in the safe environment of Cyan Swim Academy. Along the way l make it fun, make sure they also get a little workout, and  make new friends.  

Ryan Curtis


Growing up in a small town with a fairly large swimming facility meant that a lot of time was spent at the pool. Whether it was taking swimming lessons, watching all the bigger kids swim across the entire pool and wishing that someday I would be able to do that, or practicing my best belly flop off of the diving boards, some of my fondest memories were created around swimming and water.

Fast forward to high school where I swam competitively, and further forward as I became a Swim Instructor at a summer camp on the east coast for many summers.

Getting the opportunity to give swim lessons to babies, children with physical handicaps, as well as 1-on-1 and group lessons was a great learning experience that showed me how impactful helping others succeed and grow can truly be.

John Pontz


I spent 30 years coaching swimming at the club level and for four NCAA universities.  Along the way, I taught all levels of swimming, from beginners to multiple Olympians and USA National Champions. In 2016, I retired from coaching, but the love of the water and teaching has brought me back to that which has given me so much.  I am excited to share my experience with children and help them learn in a safe, fun, and healthy environment.

Roshni Prabhu


 I have been a competitive swimmer for 15 years as a member of a local aquatic club in India and also participated in Asia Pacific international swim meet. I graduated from Kasturba medical college, India. I believe swimming is the best sport which gives the whole body exercise with minimum injury and is suited for all age groups. To me, swimming is a life skill that every individual should acquire and enjoy.

Timothy Parent


I began swimming when I was four years old, and started competing when I was five. Because of the support of my coach and family, and my own dedication to the sport, I started to rank nationally when I was just ten years old and was ranked first in the country when I was fourteen in the 400 IM. I swam with and against many Olympians, and even though I didn’t make it to the Olympics myself, swimming helped me get into dream school: Harvard University. I competed for four years in college and have continued to swim since then as a way to relax and meditate; swimming truly is one of the best forms of exercise, and I love helping others learn this important and beneficial life skill.

Cody Pardi


I like water, a lot. I've been swimming in water for as long I can remember. For over a decade I was a competitive swimmer, with a taste for long distance butterfly and freestyle. Teaching and sharing my passion for swimming is my second love. I've coached all ages and all skill levels for over four years.

"Once more upon the waters! Yet once more. And the waves beneath me as a steed That knows his rider."

Sahara Amaya


My earliest swimming experience was at the age of 5. My parents encouraged the practice of jumping in to new skills and expanding from there.  As one of the first children in my family to learn to swim, I provided support to my many cousins learning to take their first kicks in water. And, with a family the size of mine, I always had the opportunity to take care of children. Naturally, I gained love for being around little ones and watching them succeed. By creating a safe and comfortable environment for all learners, I hope to build their confidence and overall skill. 

Marshall Raiskin


Born and raised in Orlando, FL I have spent my entire life on the water. I started swimming competitively when I was 13 and found a great passion for the sport.  As a high school All-American I was able to earn a swimming scholarship to the College of William & Mary. Throughout the years I have been fortunate to have been coached by excellent coaches and staff. Previously I coached at Peak Performance Swim Camps  as well as country club swim teams. I cannot wait to share my knowledge and love of swimming with you!

Amber DeCamp

Bio coming soon

I have been in and around the water for as long as I can remember. I began swimming competitively in a summer swim league when I was six years old. Since then I haven’t stopped and I also swim for my high school’s team. My favorite stroke is definitely the butterfly. Sharing my love of swimming, and the water, with others is something I care deeply about. 

Andra Sipos


I have been swimming since I was two years old and swam competitively for 8 years. The sport helped to develop me not only as an athlete, but also as a person. I have always loved teaching and I can’t wait to help others discover a love for the water just like I did. I believe that it is important for everyone to feel safe and comfortable in and around the water.

Grace Neirby


Swimming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a little kid I was never afraid of the water, and was always one of the last kids out of it. My love of swimming led me to competitive swimming for 6 years. Working with kids is also something I’m very passionate about, so sharing my love of the water with them and showing them how to be safe in the water is amazing. My hope is to build a connection with every child I work with and to teach them to love swimming as much as I do! 

Angelyiah Lim


Swimming has been second nature to me ever since I blew my first bubbles underwater as a baby.  From then on, whether it was competing in meets or leisurely swimming, I’ve enjoyed every moment in the water. Now, I’m excited to switch roles and pass on my swimming experience to your child so that they can love the sport as much as I do and reap the various benefits!

Michelle Pineda


When I was a little kid I was never afraid of the water. I was always the first one and last one out the water. As the oldest grandchild in my family, I was given the chance to teach while also have fun when they were in the water. Here at Cyan, I love spending time with kids while building a connection and teaching them new skills. It brings me joy and happiness and I would love to share that with them. 

Fiona Wang


Ever since I joined competitive swim team in elementary school, I’ve spent countless hours in the pool, loving every moment of it. This has led me to believe that swimming is not only a great way to exercise, but an important life skill that everyone should learn. I’m excited to have the opportunity to pass my knowledge onto the many eager young learners to help them love swimming as much as I do! 

Sirish Gurung


I swam competitively for past 15 years. I have been to many different countries to train with different coaches around the world and learn as much as I could. I was always interested in expanding my knowledge and be a perfectionist. I started racing in the international stage since 2012 and some of the major international tournaments were Rio Olympics 2016, Fina World Championship, Asian Games, etc. 

Being an Olympian, people wanted me to share my knowledge and passion to their kids so we started organizing summer and winter camps in my country. I loved sharing my knowledge with the little kids. I have always loved teaching people how to swim. 

I was also lucky enough to have attended FINA Coaches clinic (Level 1 & 2).

Tyler Ramos


My first experience as a swimmer was taking lessons as a young kid and enjoying being in the water. I have been an avid swimmer ever since I learned that my dad didn’t learn how to swim until he was an adult, even after growing up on an island. As I started swimming in high school, I learned that swim is not only great exercise but it is fun. I enjoy spending time swimming, hanging out with my younger cousins, and scuba diving where I can see all the cool sea life.

April Ames


I grew up in a house that had a swimming pool in the backyard, so swimming became a part of my life at a very young age. My first water and swimming experiences happened before I was even one year old! I then took lessons later on in life to better my skills. 

Between summers at the lake, working for camps, and spending countless days at the pool, I’ve taught many people how to swim and have loved the water over the years. I’m fun, friendly, and I can’t wait to teach you to swim!

Alexandra Predescu


From a young age, I’ve always been passionate about swimming. Yet, I was far from being a professional at five years old. I mostly excelled in splashing around the shallow end and playing at the beach. It wasn’t until my parents enrolled me in swim lessons that my confidence grew. With my instructor’s guidance, it wasn’t long until I learned my strokes. From there, I advanced to a team level where I refined those skills. I’m excited to help other children become enthusiastic and strong swimmers.

Moira Gideon


I have been swimming for as long as I can remember and swam competitively for six years. I love the water, and I love helping children grow and learn. As a kid, swimming taught me how to think about what I was doing, find joy in movement, and act with confidence. These skills have helped me succeed in and out of the water. I can't wait to share my passions with you and your child! 

Rachel Slemons


I grew up swimming in the many lakes and pools around Eastern Washington with my family. I learned early on the importance of learning to swim in order to enjoy the water safely. One of my first jobs in high school was lifeguarding and my favorite part of the job was teaching swim lessons, which I did seasonally for 6 years. Currently I am a mental health counselor and fully believe in the connection between the mind and the body for health and learning to swim at an

early age is a great way to kickstart whole body wellness.

Nicholas Imig


I have been swimming all my life since I was two. I won two events at the short course regional championships this year, and qualified for the futures championship meet where I raced a third of the country. I've been teaching swimming for the better part of a year now and I love the sport and can't wait to share it with everyone!

Alondra Pangilinan


I'm currently a senior at UW Bothell studying Mathematical Thinking & Visualization. I grew up on the swim team, they were like my family. My brothers and I all swam competitively growing up and through high school. I started very young, and I competed in swim meets like Junior Nationals and Junior Olympics. I swam varsity in the beginning of high school, and I stopped swimming competitively because it was time to start building my career. I used to be a swim instructor and lifeguard at my local YMCA, and I loved working with all ages and all levels. I'm very patient and find the job very rewarding! 

Cori Calico


I have been around water since the time I was born. My mom began taking me to swim lessons at the age of 3 and I started the city league swim team at age 8. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years competing at State Championships and Central Speedo Sectionals in 2010-2013. In 2013 I won the Arkansas State Championship in the 50 freestyle with a time of 23.03 and my relay won the gold medal as well. I was a lifeguard for 4 years during high school and after high school, I began coaching The Aquakids Swim Team. I coached for four years all through my college years. I have a huge passion for swimming and teaching kids water safety and can't wait to make a difference through Cyan Swim Academy!

Alexis Smith


From a young age I have loved the water. I began taking swim lessons at my local YMCA when I was in elementary school. I moved on to swim in high school as well as college. I have been a swim instructor to many ages and abilities. I taught at the YMCA and helped coach special Olympics during my time in college.

I am now pursuing a career in occupational therapy. I currently work at a facility for adults with disabilities. I love sharing my knowledge of swimming with others because it truly is a passion of mine. I believe swimming is a lifelong sport that develops character and talent, most importantly, water safety.